sophisticated plaid.jpg

Plaid Craze!

In home décor, plaid is the latest graphic pattern to challenge the chevron for top design dog. Plaid has been around for centuries in woven goods. Weaving different colored threads on the weft—threads perpendicular to the selvedge--and warp—threads parallel to the selvedge--creates the graphic squares we know as plaid. By varying the width of the repeat, the pattern can be moved from a charming check to an intricate grid.

Plaid is versatile. A monochromatic plaid can add subtle interest, but in high contrast hues, plaid can make a statement. Enhance a cottage look with windows dressed in a crisp cotton plaid. For the warm cozy lodge feel, wrap an ottoman in a classic red Stewart plaid. Or try a classic houndstooth or windowpane check, which are staples of menswear design.

Plaid is easily incorporated into a room because it plays well with florals or other patterns. Join in the fun by adding a couple of plaid throw pillows in colors that you already have in your room. Perk up a tired room with a plaid ottoman or a side chair. Use plaid as a table runner or placemats on your table scape. Whether you like Tartan Plaid or Buffalo Check (chair photo), add plaid to your décor for a quick change of (s)pace!